Center for Farm Transitions


To provide information, referrals and consultations to farmers for plans that will secure and maintain farming’s important role in Pennsylvania’s economy.


For the center to join with farmers to actively engage in comprehensive planning that addresses all aspects of their vocation. Through this joint planning effort, we will continue Pennsylvania farmers’ legacy of innovative responses to challenges that keep them competitive in today’s economy and enhance nature.


When a farmer is planning a transition, there are many considerations, some obvious, some not. In some cases, the resources needed may be difficult to secure. Through the Center for Farm Transitions, each farmer will receive information, referrals and consultations regarding his or her distinct situation. By helping farmers plan for their future, we’re securing Pennsylvania agriculture for generations to come.

Our Resources:

We offer resources for:

  • A beginning farmer with no existing operation,
  • The next generation on a family farm who will be ascending to a management role,
  • The retiring farmer who may or may not plan on transferring the farm operation to the next generation,
  • A farmer relocating from either within or outside of Pennsylvania,
  • The farmer who by either choice or necessity is leaving the farm for another career, and
  • Those who want to expand their farms, develop new and different areas to complement their existing operation, or convert their operation to a completely new farming venture. 

The Center for Farm Transitions provides a one-stop source of information and services to Pennsylvania farmers who are in transition. Contact us.

Farmland Preservation

Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of farms and acres permanently preserved for agricultural production.┬áThe state’s farmland preservation program purchases development rights of working farms from owners of prime farmland, ensuring that it will forever remain in agricultural production. This helps secure the future of Pennsylvania’s food supply, ensure that agriculture remains the state’s top industry and assure a way of life for future generations of farm families. Partnerships between nonprofit organizations and all levels of government from local to federal make this program a model for the nation.

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